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So, it's getting close to your arrival. Let's see if we can make the arrival go smoothly as possible for you.
So, it's getting close to your arrival. Let's see if we can make the arrival go smoothly as possible for you.
Pre-Arrival Instructions

Pre-Arrival Instructions

When To Give Us Pre-Arrival Details
We prefer to receive the following information no later than 7 days before your arrival. However, we would appreciate being informed any time within 21 days of arrival. Sooner is ok too, as we store all information provided on your booking record for our villa manager to access.

How To Give Us This Information
Please reply to the emails that you used to make your reservation/booking.

Arrival & Departure Time

Unless otherwise agreed:
- Arrivals are usually from 3:00PM (15:00).
- Departures are usually by 11:00AM (11:00).

Flight Arrival Details

We need to know the airline, flight number, arrival time and where you departed from. This helps us know which part of the airport to be waiting to meet you and at what time. We can also monitor online flight resources to check if your flight is running ahead of or behind schedule.

Airport Transport

We usually arrange your airport transfer but the minivan+driver are paid directly by the guests (about 1,000THB per mininvan). Minivans can seat 13 people, but remember, luggage has to go somewhere too. If you and your luggage can't fit all in the same vehicle, a secondary vehicle might need to be hired/paid for. Note: Airport transfers do not have baby seats. If you want one, please bring one with you.

If you're flying in but don't need airport transfer, please tell us.

Hotel Transfer

If you're staying in a local hotel prior to staying at our villa, we can arrange your hotel transfer (from any location within Chiang Mai city center). We need to know the hotel name and website address so that we can lookup the address/location and phone number.

Arrival Day, Daily Hire Minivan+Drive

It's possible that your arrival day would benefit from a daily-hired minivan and driver, instead of a taxi style one-way transfer. Often beneficial when you have multiple arrivals in the same day from different flights. If that's the case, we can arrange the minivan+driver for you. See the next section about this.

Daily Hire Minivan + Driver

Unless you're expecting to make your own travel arrangements around Chiang Mai during your stay, (ie. by hire-car or by requesting transport as you need it), we highly recommend the rental of a daily minivan + driver. Please let us know if you would like this service or not. The current charge is 2,000 THB per day + gasoline (driver included).

Food On Arrival

Usually, lunch time has already past when you arrive but it is listed here for those with Early Arrivals agreed. The following options are what we can provide on Arrival Day. Other days, we have a much larger selection available and our villa manager will discuss that with you.

Pad thai, stir fried noodle, noodle soup, chiang mai noodle, green salad, papaya salad, chicken wing, stir fried vegetable.

Evening Dinner:
Green curry or red curry with choice of pork/chicken/prawn, tom yum, steam fish, stir fried chicken with cashew nut, beef salad, stir fried fish, pork or chicken with basil, stir fried vegetable.

If you would like anything specific for your Arrival Day meals, please just let us know the name of the meals and how much of it you want (ie. how many people to share any specific dish). Our menu might help you.

Groceries, Snacks, Drinks

If you would like anything specific to be collected and ready for your arrvial at the villa, please let us know. We can collect specifc fruits, snacks, soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits etc (alcoholic drinks payable on arrival). Wines and spirits can be chosen from Wine Connection and you just tell us the code to order, and how many of each item, and we will collect them for you.

Food Allergies / Special Diets

If any of your group are restricted in what they can eat, please let us know the details before arrival as this will help our chef prepare relevant meals.


Random Guest Review

Random Guest Review


Thank you for the wonderful hospitality

Highly recommended and will come back again for my next CM trip. Totally refreshed...

June 2018