Villa Chiang Mai

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New Year Dates Available. 28-DEC-2019 Onwards (Direct Guests Only)

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Random Guest Review

Random Guest Review

The Guys

Awesome accomodation and brilliant staff

Myself and a group of 4 friends in our twenties had a stay at this villa for an entire month. We had high expectations judging by the photos but were pleasantly surprised to see those blown out the water when we arrived. The house itself is large, beautifully decorated in an authentic Thai style - all the bedrooms are great, with en-suites. The main draw for us was definitely the outside area, though. The pool is really nice, the pool house is an excellent relaxation zone. Many hours were spent around here.

Perhaps the highlight of the stay, however, was the staff. Everyone involved was nothing but extremely friendly and helpful whenever required. Special mention has to go to Mr Bom and Mr Kim, who both made us feel incredibly welcome and looked-after for the duration of the stay. Not forgetting the quality of catering we received! We owe a large portion of our enjoyment of the trip to their hospitality.

So all in all, I would absolutely recommend booking a stay at this place. It's a great city and this is an excellent place to make your base within it. The only possible downside is that it's a small journey to reach the centre of the action but travel is easily arranged by the staff.

Thank you very much to all those involved in making our holiday a memorable one.

October 2014